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Style 1: Elastic wrists & ankles Style 2: Open wrists & ankles Style 3: Attached hood & elastic ankles
Style 4: Attached hood & boots Style 5: Attached boot & elastic ankles  
Style Collar Elastic wrists Elastic ankles Elastic waist Hood Boots
Style 1      
Style 2          
Style 3    
Style 4
Style 5      


3 pockets with open wrist 3 pockets with elastic wrist 3 pockets with knitted wrist & collar  
Collar style Cuff style Pocket Closure
single open 0 pocket plastic snaps
double elastic 1 pocket metal snaps
knitted knitted 2 pockets velcro
mao   3 pockets zipper
    4 pockets  
Some gowns feature hook and loop neck dosure for easy adjustabilty Some gowns feature a tape tab neck dosure for easy on and off Elastic cuffs Thumb-Up thumb loop Knit cuffs
Our Isolation Gowns have three wrist options:elastic,thumb loop,or knit cuff