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EN Type Type Description EN Symbol
Type 1
Gas Tight Protective Clothing. Protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, aerosols and solid particulates .
Type 2
Non Gas Tight Protective Clothing. Suits which retain positive pressure to prevent ingress of dusts, liquids and vapours .
Type 3
Liquid Tight Suits Suits which can protect against strong and directional jets of liquid chemical .
Type 4
Spray Tight Suits Suits which offer protection against saturation of liquid chemicals.
Type 5
13982-1 (&2)
Dry Particle Suits Suits which provide protection to the full body against airborne solid particulates.
Type 6
Reduced Spray Suits Suits which offer limited protection against a light spray of liquid chemicals.
EN Description EN Symbol
EN1073-2 ** Protective clothing against radioactive particulate contamination.
EN14126 Protective clothing against infective agents “Type” prefixed with letter “B” (i.e. Type 3B) indicates approval to this European Norm.
EN1149-1 Protective clothing with electrostatic properties.
EN533 Protective Clothing. Limited flame spread materials and assemblies.