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annual year-end conference
    Our company held annual year-end conference of 2012 on 16th,Jan,2012.The vice general manager Ms Daniel Lee hosted this meeting.The important leaders summarized operational efficiency,administration,labor union,security and safety of the company in 2011.They emphasized the implementation and experience of last year management and put forward new hope of coming new year.
    In the end of the meeting,the general manager Mr Yang made important summarization.He emphasized the critical meaning of implementing new year management and made the determination of increasing company's overall profitability in the future. In the meanwhile,from the all kinds of international business phenomena,he analyzed the challenges and opportunities our company will face in 2012.All of the staff should make progress while ensuring stability to make good basis for implementing effective management.
    The meeting initiated that all of the staff should make an good example in their own position and avoid being proud of themselves,continue to keep contact with our clients with our unique and warm heart,explore more new businesses,increase core businesses.Make sure the implementation of operational management index in 2012 according to the company target.